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Can Testosterone Therapy Help Depression In Men?

Low testosterone not only affects men physically but also emotionally. Men with low testosterone often experience depression symptoms. This may come around a male’s mid-thirties or when they find it hard to maintain their physique and mental focus. These downfalls often lead to the question, can testosterone therapy help depression in men?

Connecting Low Testosterone and Depression

Testosterone is responsible for the maintenance of bone density, muscle strength and mass, facial and body hair, sex drive, and sperm production and influences mood and appetite.

Lack of Focus

Testosterone levels begin to fall around the age of 35. During this time, the brain may start to slow down due to the natural decline of testosterone which can affect spatial awareness, cognition, and memory. As testosterone and possibly thyroid levels decrease, metabolism slows, and you may notice a lack of focus.

Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy for men can help your metabolism regain its former efficiency and improve concentration. If you’re in or near Charlotte, ask us more about this!


Stress is the common culprit of poor health or mortality in men and women. When in danger, stressed out, or worried, adrenal glands release cortisol. With high cortisol levels, testosterone drops. Stresses of modern life are abundant, and many people have high cortisol levels, which can push down testosterone.

An imbalance of these hormones has many of the same symptoms. Our programs in Charlotte, NC, focus on your body but also your mental health to treat you as a whole while optimizing your hormones.

Irritability and Mood Swing

Mood swings and irritability are bound to be noticeable signs of low testosterone. As men age, their mood tends to reflect how they feel about their physical appearance, which can be a result of low testosterone.

Are Symptoms of Reduced Testosterone All Linked?

Often, indicators like lack of focus and stress interlink in some way. Low testosterone can lead to a chain reaction of events and worsen the problem. As with testosterone effects, hormone replacement therapy benefits are interlinked to restore your hormones to where they should be. Our Charlotte, NC, hormone replacement therapy is the place to start looking into these benefits!

Can Testosterone Therapy Help Depression in Men?

Testosterone and depression are undoubtedly linked due to being part of male hormone regulation. Though the link between testosterone and depression still has many studies surrounding the defined answer, testosterone has power in a man’s life. Testosterone increases the release of dopamine, which is responsible for feelings of pleasure. A decrease in this feeling can link to feelings of depression and affect overall mood.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Depression

Now there is no more wondering can testosterone therapy help depression in men. Our team at Revita Medical can help with our array of wellness plan treatments. More specifically, our hormone replacement therapy for men in Charlotte, NC. At Revita Medical, we can determine if the hormone imbalance is the cause of your problem! If you’re suffering from weight gain, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, and symptoms of depression, the professionals in our anti-aging clinic can help you reclaim your energy and health!