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Best Way to Burn Belly Fat This New Year Near Charlotte, NC

Are you tired of trying to lose belly fat through exercise and diet alone, only to see little to no results? At Revita Medical Wellness, we help many patients achieve their goals by understanding that there’s more to weight loss than sheer willpower. 

We focus on treating the whole person and take the time to explore solutions tailored to your needs. Book an appointment to visit us near Charlotte, NC, and regain control of your health and wellness.

Insulin and Weight Gain

Did you know that certain hormones play a crucial role in regulating our metabolism? In fact, scientific research shows that a weight-loss program targeting hormones can successfully reduce body fat. 

One extremely important hormone is insulin. Our body produces insulin to manage the amount of sugar in our blood. When sugar levels are consistently high, the body develops what’s known as insulin resistance, so we need to produce more insulin. This condition can be a precursor to Type 2 diabetes.

High insulin levels are a leading cause of weight gain, particularly in the

abdominal area. 

Complete Hormone Diet Near Charlotte, NC

An effective approach to weight management is the Complete Hormone Diet which combines the benefits of time-restricted eating and hormone replacement therapy. This comprehensive program targets the hunger hormones ghrelin, leptin, and insulin to reset the metabolic rate.

How does it work? Time-restricted eating involves following a set of designated eating windows. By limiting your eating windows and avoiding snacking, your body enters a fasting state, where insulin levels drop and fat cells release fatty acids, which are then converted into glucose and used as energy. 

The Role of Dietary Adjustments and Exercise

Modifying dietary habits and incorporating light exercise has also been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, increase metabolic rate, and help with weight loss. 

Avoid simple carbohydrates, snacking during the day, and eating just before bedtime, and add activities such as walking and yoga to your daily routine.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Another effective tool in targeting belly fat is hormone replacement therapy. As we age, our hormone levels decrease, which can lead to weight gain and sluggish metabolism. 

Hormone replacement therapy, such as thyroid hormone supplements, testosterone therapy for men, and estrogen therapy for women, can help balance hormone levels and increase metabolism, leading to weight loss and a reduction in belly fat.

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Our dedicated team of health professionals is ready to listen to your concerns. Contact us today and book an appointment to visit our clinic near Charlotte, NC. 

At Revita Medical Wellness, we help you proactively manage your health. Do you want to finally lose that belly fat this new year? Get in touch to learn about our personalized fitness and nutrition programs, including the Complete Hormonal Diet plan.