Anti-Aging Clinic Near Weddington, NCAnti-Aging Clinic Near Weddington

Have you been noticing signs that your body is slowing down? Are you feeling more tired and sluggish than usual? Here at Revita Medical, we pride ourselves in the methods we use to rebuild our clients’ energy, metabolism, and mental vigor! With our evidence-based medicine, you can rest assured that our treatments are innovative and safe. We also offer different types of hormone therapies that can improve memory, increase clarity of mind, and get rid of the haze that plagues many of our clients. If you have questions or concerns, our team is available to ensure your peace of mind.

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Our Wellness Plans at Revita Medical

Interested in learning more about the wonderful wellness plans at our clinic? Our Proactive Healthcare Plan and Hormone Replacement Therapies are incredibly helpful when it comes to improving our clients’ overall health and wellness. Our team members are trained in detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related diseases and are devoted to your safety. We also have PCOS treatments for women whose bodies produce insufficient progesterone. Here at our clinic, we don’t believe that the second half of your life should be slowed down due to aging, so feel free to contact us whenever suits you best!

Need Help Losing Weight?

Wondering how you can lose weight and stay in shape as you age? With Revita Medical, you can enjoy access to many different weight loss options, such as our individualized fitness and nutrition programs, as well as our modified Paleo diets! Our 40-day programs are managed by our friendly physicians who are pros at helping you kickstart your metabolism, get rid of stubborn body fat and guide you toward building muscle! Between our low calories diets and weight loss medication, we can help you reset and achieve your health goals quickly and efficiently!

Health Assessments at Our Clinic

Did you know we have ways to evaluate your health at Revita Medical? Thanks to our professional male and female wellness assessments, we can help you work through your health-related challenges and enjoy higher energy levels and balanced hormones! Here at our clinic, we focus on treating the whole person through vitamins, supplements, and optimal hormones. Our hormone therapy in particular can help “lift the fog” of mental sluggishness and aid you in feeling more revitalized for more extended periods of time. If you have questions or concerns about our treatments, feel free to chat with us at any time!

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Are you ready to feel more energized throughout the day? Here at our clinic, we’re dedicated to improving your physical and mental health and well-being every time you step through our doors! Each and every one of our staff members care about your health and happiness, so don’t hesitate to visit us as soon as possible! Feel free to contact us through our website by scheduling a consultation, or give us a call today!