The Link Between Testosterone & Alzheimer's DiseaseThe Link Between Testosterone & Alzheimer’s Disease – Though there is still much debate about the origins of Alzheimer’s disease, evidence to support a connection between hormone imbalances and this brain disorder has accumulated over time. At Revita Medical Center, we are well aware that testosterone levels lower with age and can cause health issues. Yet through customized therapy and medical treatments, our professionals have succeeded in “lifting the fog” that comes as a result of unstable hormones. Our goal has always been to improve your quality of life, and optimizing your hormones is critical for a healthier mind and body.

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What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a sickness that attacks your brain by destroying memory and cognitive functionality. For patients who struggle with Alzheimer’s, even the simplest tasks can become more difficult. This disease is often caused by inflammation in the brain, which can bring about long-lasting symptoms. Alzheimer’s disease has been linked to metabolic disorders, depression, faulty nerve growth, and even vascular distress.

Why does my Testosterone need to be Balanced?

Your testosterone must be balanced in order for your body to function efficiently during your day-to-day life. This hormone has many purposes, including regulating libido, boosting metabolism, building strong bones and increasing muscle mass. Healthy testosterone levels also stimulate better red blood cell production and distribute fat evenly throughout your body. If these hormones become unbalanced, you may experience negative mood changes, increased hair loss, insomnia, brittle bones, and climbing body weight.

Though it is normal for a natural decrease in testosterone to happen with age, maintaining a healthy level of this hormone is crucial for your mental and physical wellbeing.

What is the Connection between Alzheimer’s and Testosterone?

Over time, medical professionals have been able to identify a trend when it comes to low testosterone levels and the development of Alzheimer’s. Since this disease can be caused by brain inflammation, experts have noticed a correlation between inflammatory proteins produced when testosterone levels are low and Alzheimer’s symptoms. Hormone imbalances can put you at more risk of dementia and damage your cognitive functionality, especially regarding memory-related tasks. Both health issues can develop into other disorders, damaging nerves and neurons alike.

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