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At The Revita Medical Wellness Center, we help men and women reclaim lost energy and vigor, sharpen thinking, improve memory, decrease body fat and transition their bodies to more lean muscle.

Through our innovative therapies and EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE, our patients get better with age: They experience clarity of mind and vitality of body that they last felt years, even decades prior. Our results speak for themselves: We help our patients look and feel healthier. Our head office is located in Charlotte, NC, and we currently treat patients throughout the country. We have programs created to accommodate patients who do not live within the Charlotte area.

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Revita Medical Wellness Center Near Charlotte, NC

Do you want to reclaim your vitality and delay age-related health issues? Welcome to Revita Medical, your anti-aging and wellness center in Charlotte, NC. Are you ready to be in charge of your well-being? Our innovative therapies and evidence-based medical practice have helped countless men and women gain back loss of energy, improve memory, decrease body fat, and transition their bodies to lean muscle.

We invite you to learn more about our plans and services and book an appointment today to visit Revita Medical Wellness in Charlotte, NC.

What is Proactive Healthcare Plan™

Did you know early detection is critical in managing common health issues associated with aging? Revita Medical’s Proactive Healthcare Plan™ is an assertive approach designed to diagnose and address age-related health conditions. As time passes, our body goes through specific degenerative processes that can lead to conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, and cancer.

Through our Proactive Healthcare Plan™, we actively seek and identify these conditions and implement intervention strategies to prevent, treat, or slow down the course of the disease.

Management of Hormonal Imbalance

To be at peak physical and mental health, we need balanced hormone production and activity. But hormone imbalance is common, especially among older adults, and can cause various problems such as weight gain, decreased libido, anxiety, insomnia, and osteoporosis. Studies show that treatment with Bioidentical Hormones can help restore the needed physiological levels of hormones and reduce the chances of developing related health issues.

Whether you suffer from fatigue, mood swings, or other symptoms, we can help! Contact us to learn about Revita Medical’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. We have partnered with top-rated American suppliers to deliver gender-targeted medication to address male or female hormonal deficiencies.

Identify and Treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Are you a pre-menopausal woman struggling with missed or irregular menstrual cycles? It may be due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a condition where the ovaries produce too much hormone androgen. In addition to irregular periods, PCOS can lead to weight gain, acne, and excess hair growth. It can also make it harder to get pregnant.

At Revita, we specialize in treating PCOS with high-quality, evidence-based treatments.

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