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Here at Revita Medical, we’re dedicated to preserving your health and happiness for the long run. Once you’ve left your 20s behind, it can be easy to assume that your well-being will only decline with time. Yet at our clinic, we’re committed to helping our patients feel stronger and more comfortable in their bodies even as they age! Our programs have changed so many lives by “lifting the fog” of hormonal imbalances. Each and every one of our staff members are devoted to helping you optimize your hormones, sleep schedule, nutrition and exercise routines so that you can feel energized for longer.

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“You gave me my life back!! How do you thank someone for that??” *
Lori, 56

“After a few months on the program I saw a huge difference. I had lost 20 pounds of body fat and developed muscle and tone I hadn’t seen in 15 years. I really saw the difference on the basketball court. I am playing against guys in their teens and twenties and staying up with them. My overall athleticism, strength and stamina have skyrocketed.” *

“Wow, overly euphoric. I mean really energetic. At the end of a long day at work I feel like I want to go home and hit the treadmill. It’s phenomenal. I sleep phenomenal. It’s weird… it’s a sound, sound sleep, a really restful sleep. I still only sleep six hours but when I wake up, I feel really rested. My night sweats are gone, I feel much sharper mentally, my clarity is like, ‘bring it on.’ I just feel so clear. And I felt better within a week, I felt a lot better. The hot flashes before used to be unbearable. I’d be in a meeting with regulators and I’d just break out into uncontrollable sweats. I feel much more relaxed, clear, and focused during all my meetings throughout the day. I can’t wait to start the Weight Loss Program, oh and my husband’s going to come in too.” *
Mary, Charlotte, 54

“After only 5 weeks, I am stronger, have lost fat, I have more energy and I am much more active. I feel like myself again – I previously received treatment from a Doctor that was not properly trained and was not certified in Age Management Medicine – and that experience did me more harm than good. I did a lot of research and doing it right is the way to go.” *
Phil, 39

“Stamina on cardio is amazing. I used to do three miles as a work out, now I do three miles just to warm up. Nice increase in body tone, I had love handles before. My body fat percentage has dropped. I eat a lot healthier. My mood is WAY, WAY, WAY different. I am a new person. I’m almost off anti-depressants. The last one I took was four days ago. Before I could not go ten hours without the side effects. I didn’t like taking them. The anti-depressants are just band-aids. I did a lot of research before starting and the literature said ‘better outlook, more motivated, more energy.’ All of that is spot-on…I’m a new man. My physique is much different. My waist is smaller and I put two inches on my arms. I feel so much healthier.” *
Vern, Denver, 51

“I can’t pinch my fat. My trainer is impressed with my gains. Today I worked out for one hour with weights, then did 5K training for one hour…so two hours today. I WAS NOT doing that before. My body has changed a lot…and libido is drastically improved. My wife has certainly noticed a difference. I can’t wait to get my updated body fat test done.” *
Adam, Virginia, 44

“My strength seemed to decline over the years and wasn’t getting any better, even with working out. I am much stronger now. When I came to see you seven weeks ago I could only do 12 push-ups, now I easily do 40 to warm up. My energy is up. I can tell because I work 80 hours a week and STILL go to the gym after work most nights. A lot of people have noticed a difference and have commented on how much better I look… wife notices a difference too! I just feel better! Thanks REVITA Anti-Aging for making my life better!!! *
Matt V, Charlotte, 48

“I feel as good as I did in high school. I’m loving it. Just bought new jeans, I’m down two pant sizes. I’m doing yoga, P9OX and I ran 5 miles yesterday. I want to be active again. Three people last week asked about my diet and exercise. It is because I look so much healthier. People can just tell I’m healthy. I’m loving it. My nine year old son is now doing P9OX with me so he can look like Dad someday. I really enjoy being so healthy.” *
Jose, Fort Mill, 37

“I put 25 yards on my drive. I now look forward to going to the gym. I have the energy… and I need an outlet. Before the treatment, I used to have to drag myself in. I didn’t tell anyone I was undergoing treatment until 3-4 months after I started. I was so excited I had to tell my friends how much better I felt. My girlfriend is in her 30′s… I’m in my late 40′s and had a lot of trouble keeping up, if you know what I mean. It was something a concern. That is NO longer an issue. I’m back to my old self! I feel better, look better, and have better sex. The best part of treatment: sexual performance and energy.” *
Bob, 47

“I have noticed improvement in strength and mental acuity. As a pilot I need to be sharp and focused. And I wouldn’t say that I was far off, but when I went on the program I noticed right away my ability to quickly find words and articulate my points returned to the level it was at in my 20′s. I always worked out and ate right. For two years prior to starting the program I went to the gym and pretty much only attained incidental improvements, but as soon as I went on the program I felt stronger.” *
Mark, Charlotte, 49

“I feel great. I feel much more clear. Within one week I felt sharper and more energetic. Quickly after that I felt physically better. My strength went up and people began to notice I looked better than I had. I had several comments from friends and relatives. Just overall I really feel great.” *
Dave, Charlotte, 40

“After 15 weeks of treatment I gained 19 pounds of muscle and lost ten pounds of fat. Everyone was asking what I was doing. At 37, I would have argued I was still in peak condition, but I forgot how much energy and strength I once had.” *
Don, Charlotte, 40

“I have been a patient for several years and have had tremendous results on the anti-aging program. I look younger, feel better and have much more energy than I had 10 years ago. The program changed and improved my life.” *
Sandra R.

“I’ve been seeing the doctor for 6 months. I have been extremely pleased! The anti-aging program is absolutely amazing! My results have been noticed by many of my friends and I’ve NEVER had so much energy!”*
Shannon H.

“I feel reborn. I’m the young guy I remember I was. I’m the athlete I used to be. I’m no longer the old guy I started to become.” *
Luke, Sun City, South Carolina, 65

“I just feel a lot better now. I was moody, I didn’t sleep well, I was often anxious and I had hot flashes. I like doing it naturally too. I don’t like putting chemicals in my body. BHRT is the smart way to go.” *
Faye, Charlotte, 65

“Hormone replacement made an incredible difference in my life. I mean really all aspects of my life. Energy, my outlook, mood, motivation, everything. I even went back to school and got my contractor’s license I was so motivated following treatment. In addition to working more than full time as an attorney, I studied for 4 months in order to do that – there is no way I could of or would have had the desire to do that if I didn’t get on the program. I had to read a stack of books several feet high and work full time. I needed much less sleep when I got on the program… and I felt much more rested and energetic.” *
Dale, Charlotte, 54

“It’s like night and day. I work 50-60 hours a week and I used to come home and hit the couch – that’s all I had energy for and that’s all I wanted to do. When I started I was 235 lbs with 25% body fat. Now I’m 10% body fat and weigh 205 – I feel so much better.” * Ray, Gastonia, 47

“I now look forward to going to the gym at night – I used to work out for 1-2 weeks, and then stop for a few months. I was never really able to get into it. Now I go 5 days a week and I love it. I see results.” Also when I come home at night I want to do things – I go out or work out… I just don’t have the desire to sit on the couch like I used to. Prior to getting on the program, I would have taken a nap in the middle of the day if I could have … now I don’t have the desire.” * Rocky, Greensboro, 47

“The anti-aging program helped me a lot – I lost weight, my sex drive came back (my husband liked that), I had more energy, my bad cholesterol went down, major mood swings were eliminated and my mood in general improved. Prior to treatment I was often tired, my brain was foggy, my moods were all over the board – more people need to know about this type of treatment (BHRT). I do bioidentical testosterone, progesterone, HGH and DHEA.” * Theresa, 52

“Within three weeks I had more energy. My desire to exercise increased and I began to enjoy working out again. A big difference I noticed was with my mood swings. I wouldn’t say I was depressed, I just wasn’t as happy as I used to be. Before I started testosterone treatment, I used to have significant mood swings and now I am more even. There are fewer down days now. I feel much more even mentally. I got leaner as well.” * Ryan, 43

“Wow… unbelievable. I can’t even explain it. I ran a marathon yesterday. My best time ever and I’m not even sore today. Not at all – I don’t feel like I did anything yesterday. I just can’t believe how much better I feel. My strength is really back. I am so much stronger now it’s unreal – I’m 41 and I squat 300 for 5 reps, dead lift 300 for 5 reps and overhead press 160lbs. My strength is better than ever. I just feel incredible.”Mike, 41

“I feel astounding. Mentally and physically…. Astounding difference.” * Jon, Charlotte, 35

“My headaches are gone. I sleep a lot better. I have lost weight. My libido is up, but still needs a little tweaking with my treatment plan. Dr. Fotinos is great because he is constantly working on personalizing my treatment plan to achieve optimal results for me. My energy has improved as well. I play tennis everyday and I eat well, but what I notice is that I have been losing about a pound a week. I feel really good about it, because as a doctor, I know to try not to take a lot of medications. I am taking all natural bio-identical hormones, so I know I am using the most natural form of supplementation. I have gotten so many compliments. If I had a nickel for every compliment, I would be rich by all of the compliments I receive. I really feel good about the weight loss, because it’s a pound a week, and it’s natural. Before, I was exercising all the time with no results, and nothing was working. All I know is now I feel better about myself, and that what Revita Anti-Aging has done for me is definitely working!” * Dr. Sandy, 48

“My strength is way up. I can bench press 245 lbs for 3 sets of 12 without a spot. I can easily bench 300. I can do curls with 55 lb. dumbbells. I always worked out a lot, but now my recovery is as good as it used to be. I’m in Special Forces so I need to keep in shape and have a physical job. My moods are good, feeling pretty good. My sex drive and performance is amazing. I am going to send my wife in. Things used to be amazing in that area and stopped being good. I’m back and feel great. She wants to get that spark back too so we can be together on that. Oh, and I broke my leg in three places on the job a few months ago, and the doctor said my recovery has been remarkable. I’m not sure if it’s from the treatment or not but I had broken it before, and now things are just recovering better.” * Tom, 38

I can honestly say that because of Revita Anti-Aging I am off the anti-depressants that the doctors had been prescribing for about 12 years. I had a hysterectomy (at age 29) which put me into early menopause and so my problems began and the doctors said it was depression. But it wasn’t depression, it was my hormones. After testing, Dr. Fotinos informed me of what my body really needed and so the journey began. Now, no more hot flashes, mood swings, sleepless nights, or anti-depressants! If you really desire a new and better you, call Revita!!* Becky M., 54

I cannot thank God enough for finding REVITA! 3+ years ago I had to have a full hysterectomy. I had my first appointment about 4 weeks ago. Walking into the REVITA Anti-Aging office was so peaceful! It was like a breath of fresh air to have medical professionals listen to me talk about how I was feeling and at times crying my way through it. And not having the doctor simply write a prescription and send me on my way. When all was said and done I was given hope! I am so thankful and so amazed that in even this short time my family and I notice a difference. I am sleeping through the night. I am laughing again instead of crying most of the day. I have energy to play with my kids! And most of all my husband has his wife back and my children have their Mom. Peter & Lisa, Bahrenburg *

“I can work, and work, and work; I have a ton of energy. I entertain clients late into the evening in both the US and abroad and I’m up and ready to go again in the morning. On the weekends I’m Disney Dad… we are taking the kids to Disney for the 9th time in 5 years. After a long week, I’m ready to do things with the family and kids all weekend… so my energy is just great and I attribute it to the program. Oh, also I can work out for a short period of time… like 20 minutes and I am able to keep my physique. My body just responds. The guys ask me what I do and I tell them. As you know many of them now come here. What you do is great. I love it.” * Mike, Charlotte, 39

“Before I probably would have sat down when I came into your office. Now I’m just ready to go and do something. I just feel ready to go and I don’t want to sit around. And I am a better husband. It used to be painful to think about cleaning the house after dinner during the week, and we have 5 children and 3 dogs so there are always things to clean. Now after dinner I don’t want to sit. If it looks like there are things to do I just start doing them. Before I would look around and the thought of doing all these things was overwhelming. Now it’s not a challenge. I just do them without thinking. Really though for me I’d say the blood pressure is what I’m happiest with.” * Wade, Charlotte, 42

“My husband has been blown away. But it has been more interesting day-to-day as he sees me in old clothes that either are way too big or that now fit again. He saw me in my old running clothes the other day and was SHOCKED. People here have been a little funny. I see them looking, but they are hesitant to say much. I saw my hairdresser yesterday when I took the girls in and he just gushed over me. My good friends have noticed, but others just stare right now. I did bust out an adorable black knit dress, not formal, just PTA-ish, this morning to walk the girls into school and felt very polished and energetic. I’m very proud of myself and the program. It’s been the first program that actually worked like it claimed to, and I feel great!” * C.B., 41

“There is a big energy difference; I’m really starting to feel it. My skin is much better now too; it’s much clearer. Also, my hair is shedding less. Oh yes and my husband likes the treatment as well, my libido is definitely up.” * Chandra, Charlotte, 41

“I feel more energy from the Testosterone. I have more stamina and my sex life is better. I am able to work out longer and harder. I could feel results immediately. I’d tell anybody. And I already have. I would like others to experience the same thing.” * Tim Young, Charlotte, 52

“Well, my energy is up… I just feel more energetic. And secondly – I have a much better sense of well being. I just don’t feel bothered by things as much. Things just roll off my back now.” * Douglas, 42

“I went apple picking the other day with my daughter. I had energy the whole day that I spent with her. I picked her up to help her reach an apple, and when I placed her back down, she said, “I like the NEW, FUN Dad.” It moved me, because I know I hadn’t been able to do these kinds of things with her before. That’s what it’s all about. Improving my life and of course improving the life that I share with my daughter. I now feel better and sleep better. Thanks Revita Anti-Aging from me and my daughter!” * Scott, 33

“When people grab my arm they now say ‘wow.’ I’m in my 50′s and I’ve never heard that before.” * Tommy, Charlotte

“I am so happy with the bhrt! I hope that you will share with Dr. Fotinos how pleased we are. It took about a week to feel alive again. We couldn’t be more satisfied!” * Peg, Charlotte

“At 50, I feel like I’m 18 again. It’s a miracle. I have already referred 15-20 friends to get treatment.” * Mike, Charlotte

“The primary reason I wanted to go on the program was to increase my sex drive to keep up with my wife. My sex drive and performance simply wasn’t what it used to be. After starting treatment my sex drive increased 600%.” * Warren, Charlotte

“WOW…I felt better right away. My wife noticed a big difference. It’s like when we first met…the spark is back.” * Jack S., Cornelius, 57

“Being able to sleep at night makes it all worth it. I told my husband if nothing else the sleeping part is worth it in and of itself. People have noticed the difference. The owner of the gym came up to me about a week ago and said, ‘Wow you look amazing.’ Then the owner came up to me again yesterday while I was working out and said, ‘It’s amazing, you have this glow about you.’ I don’t know what it is but I’ve had several people tell me I look really good. I think my skin is brighter and fuller, I just feel like I look a little more rejuvenated. But I have heard on many occasions people say ‘you look good today,’ but don’t say why. I attribute it to energy, I heard that a lot while on treatment. Oh, and my husband…I have not seen him fit like this since his twenties and he is 54 now. A lot of people have noticed, even my son has noticed how well he’s eating and how frequently he is working out again. We were driving into our development the other day and there were lots of younger guys in their thirties out in the yard working, and my son turned to me and said ‘Dad is in much better shape than all these guys.’ It was just funny to hear my son proud of his dad like that and make this comment out of the blue. That’s just one random example but we’ve had a ton of comments. We just got back from Florida recently, we were visiting one of his longtime friends who said ‘you look much younger, slimmer, fit and brighter, it’s amazing.’ I’ve seen a lot of positive transformation in my husband, it’s been great for both of us.” * Kim, Denver, 48

“Good! My headaches are gone, I sleep better, and my hot flashes are almost gone. The doctor said to give it a little more time and they should be completely gone, but generally, I just feel so much better. My energy is great…not sure where it came from, but I think it’s because I sleep so much better.” * Betsy, Monroe, 49

“Physically, I feel stronger. But actually, what is best is mental clarity every day. I feel sharper, and think more clearly and quickly. I have more mental energy.” * Kip, Blue Ridge, VA, 45

“Well, my mood is better, memory is improved, cognitive thinking is back, and analytical skills feel strong again. Also, my muscle strength and size are back…and my stamina is better all around.” * RH, Matthews, 43

“I feel a lot better, actually. I’m down a pants size or two. My libido is back. I work out now; even if I stay out late I can get up and feel good, believe it or not. As you know, several of my business partners are on the program. We all went out with clients late one night and I actually got up early and was in the gym first thing. They couldn’t believe it. I certainly didn’t do that before coming in to see you.” * Chris, Plano, Texas, 41

“I feel much better. Before I came in, I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep. I was wired and tired at the same time, which is the worst feeling. So my energy is way up now. And I actually sleep at night. My job is physical – I was a train wreck before coming to you. I can just handle it and feel good now. And my moods are much better. Before I had really big mood swings. I was just very emotional all the time. Now I’m level and feel good.” * H.V.

“I’m sleeping through the night. I have no more pain in my muscles. I can multi-task well again, and my performance is great. I’m myself again. My mood is improved, I feel like I am able to be myself again. I can talk and laugh again. Before treatment I wasn’t interested in my wife anymore. I kept my distance…now I need to be with her.” * Dr. O, Charlotte, 56

“After 2 or 3 days, I felt a big difference. I’m upbeat, not tired, not depressed, I have a lot more energy. I have a clear head and I sleep much better.” *  Jake, Greenwood, 43

“It’s a world of difference. From last winter to now, my energy is way up. My house is always clean, laundry is done, kids and family are happy. It’s been great. I sleep 8 hours now. I just feel like I used to. Thank you from me and my family!” *  D.F.

“Diet is unbelievable. Of all diets I have tried, the Revita Anti-Aging Weight Loss Program is the easiest! This diet has given me the most gratifying changes! I feel 10 years younger, and I’m excited that I will finally be able to walk next week when we go to Europe without being tired! I have so much energy! I am so happy that I started the Weight Loss Program!” *
Frank, 72

I have a lot more energy now that I decided to get on the Weight Loss Program! I get out a lot more, my friends see more of me, and I even had the energy to go out on the town for my friend’s birthday party! I feel so much better about myself and I actually have the want and the drive to work out and eat right instead of making excuses. I even canceled the appointment with the cleaning company to come and clean my house and I cleaned it all myself because I wanted to! *
Devine, 47

“I am doing WONDERFUL!!! I have lost 6 lbs this past week and a half and I have high energy. I realize I definitely have to get 8 hours sleep with the progesterone. My fibromyalgia is not as severe and I am able to be more active. My daughter fell off the golf cart three weeks ago and broke her ankle and had to have surgery. I have been playing nurse. I have a goal sheet for some important things I need to accomplish this summer and have begun to work on it. My friend that brought me to your office has been having some health issues and his doctor believes it is hormonal… I will bring him to visit you soon. I actually had not been taking my progesterone until about 2 weeks ago. Why, you ask? Because since I saw you I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and they had me on Lyrica and Cymbalta. Both helped; however, I didn’t want to mix too many meds. I could kick myself for not taking it sooner because it has made me feel so much better. Words cannot express my gratitude for what you have done for me. I haven’t had a hot flash except for the two days I was out of my NHR creams. YOU GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK, HOW DO YOU THANK SOMEONE FOR THAT? After the first of the month, I intend on coming to see you and will make an appointment for my friend. I detailed my car and cleaned up for 6 hours this weekend. I have not washed my car in a year and a half. I thought I’d be exhausted today…but I feel great! I feel like I used to, my skin looks like it used to. I sleep amazing. Thank you for giving me my life back!” *
Lori, Clinton, 51

“I’d say that everyone my age needs to try it! I’m 59…Now, my body feels like a “spring”, because a spring “bounces back.”All of my friends noticed a change!” *
Allen, Charlotte, 59

“I had knee surgery and wanted to regain my strength and muscle. The program certainly enabled me to do that. There were many other benefits as well.” *
Edward, 57

“My energy went way up. That was a huge difference. My eye sight increased greatly too. It got much better with the program.” *
Keith, Charlotte, 54

“I was doing dishes the other day and my wedding ring fell to the bottom of the sink. I have to get my ring re-sized again. I had just had it re-sized three or four months ago because I couldn’t get it on my finger, and now I have to get it re-sized again to keep it on! I also have to buy new shoes and clothes. I was buying shoes that were a size or two too big so my feet would fit and feel comfortable, and now they are slipping off! It (the Weight Loss Program) was not hard at all. I was tired the first week and a half or so, then my energy came way back up. I don’t crave fattening food like I used to. I just feel satisfied.” *
(Editor’s note: Janet has lost 21 pounds so far on the Weight Loss Program.)

Janet, Charlotte, 49

“I noticed one of the great things is my headaches are gone. I used to have to take Excedrin every morning. I just feel much better. *  Neal, High Point, 65

“I have developed an overall sense of well-being. My hot flashes have stopped, my sleep has improved, and my energy level is increased. This program is exactly what I’ve been missing.” *  CSY, Gastonia

Had my third visit today. The staff is always so welcoming, caring, concerned and friendly but most of all, knowledgeable and professional.” * Dawn, 50

“Everyone in the office was so kind and really had a lot of knowledge! I can’t wait to be working with the Revita Anti-Aging team. On to a healthy lifestyle!!” * Angela, 26

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