Dr. Peter Fotinos is Medical Director and treating physician at the Revita Age Management Center in North Carolina. A leading authority in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and a specialist in anti-aging and wellness treatments, Dr. Fotinos has been leading the Revita medical program for over five years.

Dr. Fotinos is deeply committed to his patients, providing them with ongoing, personalized care designed to deliver results. Using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, his holistic approach concentrates on mitigating the affect aging has on the body by maintaining optimal, not average, hormone levels.

Prior to joining Revita, Dr. Fotinos practiced in urgent care, pediatrics, and family medicine. His experience in these roles fundamentally shaped his philosophy as a physician. He had been immersed in a system focused on getting patients in and out as rapidly as possible, maintaining their health and treating conditions when they got bad enough. Dr. Fotinos concluded that this approach to healthcare was not the future he wanted to live. Instead, he longed for a practice that focused on prevention and afforded him the time needed with patients to address the root causes of their health problems.

Moving into his role as Medical Director at Revita, Dr. Fotinos was able to make this dream a reality. Shaped by his vision, Revita offers patients longer appointment times, ongoing treatment plans, and comprehensive, holistic healthcare.

Born and raised in Charlotte, Dr. Fotinos received his Bachelor of Science and Medical degrees from Chapel Hill, before taking up residency at the Carolina Medical Center. Staying close to home has not only allowed Dr. Fotinos to deliver industry-leading bioidentical hormone treatments to the community he came from, it also allows him to do the same for his own family on a regular basis.