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When you’re not feeling like yourself, it affects every aspect of your life, from work to relationships. Your focus wanes, and issues like decreased libido or mood swings can strain connections. You deserve a doctor who’s committed to improving your well-being and providing a consistent, balanced life. Don’t continue on the hormone roller coaster; let Revita Medical Center transform your life.

Revita stands out among clinics with the doctor’s exceptional care, a wide range of treatments, comprehensive blood work, and the support network that makes you a part of our Revita Medical family.

At Revita, we differ from other clinics in the care the doctor provides, the types of treatments we offer, the extensive nature of our blood work, and the feeling of support we establish, as if you are a part of the Revita Medical family.

download (2)At Revita, you will always meet with a REAL doctor. I know, it seems strange to phrase it that way, but it’s the best way to explain the level of care we provide. At many other clinics, you may never meet with a medical doctor. Generally, you are rushed through appointments and then later meet with a less qualified assistant within the practice. At Revita, you meet with a doctor who has blocked out an hour on his schedule to personally and individually meet with you. He’ll address your long and short-term health goals, conduct a basic physical exam, evaluate your current symptoms and produce an analysis of your initial levels. He’ll share with you where he feels your potential treatment path is headed, and most specifically…how we can help you feel better and younger again.

Welcome to the Revita Medical Center

We only specialize in natural treatments, such as Bioidentical Hormones and natural supplements.


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We understand that you may have concerns about your treatment, such as whether it will be covered by insurance or how to find out if it’s covered. At Revita Medical, our treatment options are carefully chosen to ensure optimal results, and they can be easily adjusted for your specific needs.

Unlike some clinics that offer pellet treatments, we believe that such treatments can place patients on a hormone roller coaster, which they are trying to escape. Pellet treatments involve invasive surgeries, and while hormone levels may be initially high, they diminish quickly, leaving patients with months of no hormones. Adjusting the treatment usually requires another surgical procedure, potentially leaving you without treatment. We do not directly submit anything to insurance, but LabCorp and Quest are in-network and will handle the billing for your lab costs. It is essential to check with your insurance company to determine which lab is preferred for the best coverage.

At Revita, we offer treatments like creams, sublingual tablets, injections, and gel capsules that are easily absorbed and can be quickly adjusted. Our staff is readily available to you, with live phone support and quick call returns. You can also reach our medical doctors through email for any questions or treatment adjustments. We provide weekly check-ins and complimentary phone appointments in-between in-office visits to continually improve your treatment plan.

We make it a priority to welcome you into the Revita Medical family, ensuring you feel truly cared for. Our extensive blood panel includes all necessary hormones to provide daily, consistent relief, and our goal is to optimize your levels for balanced and personalized treatment. We are committed to your well-being and aim to provide elite levels of treatment and support. Take our online health assessment to get started on your journey to feeling better.

At Revita Medical, we believe in transparency and patient-centered care. We understand that navigating insurance and treatment options can be challenging, and that’s why our team is dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you need. You won’t find complicated fee structures or hidden costs here. We aim to be your partner on your health journey, offering comprehensive care that addresses your unique needs and concerns. Our experienced doctors and staff are passionate about helping you achieve your health goals.

Your well-being is our top priority. We strive to provide treatment that is not only effective but also sustainable. Our commitment to you goes beyond just optimizing your hormone levels; we want to ensure you experience lasting relief and improved quality of life. By taking our online health assessment, you can kickstart your journey to better health and discover the personalized solutions we offer at Revita Medical. Join our community of satisfied patients who have experienced the difference of patient-centric, results-driven care.

ng you to maintenance before your levels are where they need to be. As many patients transfer from other clinics to ours, we also gladly welcome patients to fax or submit existing blood panels.

Our goal at Revita Anti Aging is to afford treatment that provides daily, consistent relief.

We want to provide support by our medical doctors and staff that you feel you are truly cared for like family, and that your feelings matter. We also strive to provide care that is thorough, comprehensive, medically supervised, and personalized. We truly care about our patients, and want to provide them with elite levels of treatment.