\Mature couple smilingWhen you are not feeling like yourself, your family and work life are affected. You can’t focus, and your relationships may be strained by decreased libido or mood swings. You really want to feel that your doctor is working hard to help you feel better and create a day-to-day consistency in how you feel. There’s no need to continue riding this hormone roller coaster. Let the Revita Medical Center change your life!
At the Revita Medical Center, we differ from other clinics in the care the doctor provides, the types of treatments we offer, the extensive nature of our blood work, and the feeling of support we establish, as if you are a part of the Revita Medical family.

At Revita, we differ from other clinics in the care the doctor provides, the types of treatments we offer, the extensive nature of our blood work, and the feeling of support we establish, as if you are a part of the Revita Medical family.

download (2)At Revita, you will always meet with a REAL doctor. I know, it seems strange to phrase it that way, but it’s the best way to explain the level of care we provide. At many other clinics, you may never meet with a medical doctor. Generally, you are rushed through appointments and then later meet with a less qualified assistant within the practice. At Revita, you meet with a doctor who has blocked out an hour on his schedule to personally and individually meet with you. He’ll address your long and short-term health goals, conduct a basic physical exam, evaluate your current symptoms and produce an analysis of your initial levels. He’ll share with you where he feels your potential treatment path is headed, and most specifically…how we can help you feel better and younger again.

Welcome to the Revita Medical Center

We only specialize in natural treatments, such as Bioidentical Hormones and natural supplements.


download (1)Our treatment options are chosen by our doctors because they are best absorbed in your system to provide optimal results. Also, they can be easily and readily adjusted if a patient needs improvements in their treatment.

We do not offer pellet treatments at Revita, as we feel it places our patients on the hormone roller coaster – one they are already trying to escape.

Pellets involve invasive surgeries, implanted in your flesh. In the beginning of pellet treatment, the hormone levels are high, but they generally diminish quickly after a couple of weeks. The patient is left with 2.5 months of no hormones, feeling just like they did before they started treatment. Adjusting hormone treatment levels usually requires another surgical procedure, to remove or add more pellets. As such, you may literally be left without treatment, and no relief can be provided unless you have another procedure. Most clinics have already financially benefited from your pellet purchase, unlike Revita Medical, where we do not require a large up-front fee or contracts.

At Revita, we offer treatments such as creams, sublingual tablets, injections, gel capsules, etc. These are treatments that are easily absorbed, not harsh on your liver, and can be quickly adjusted the moment that you wish for an additional improvement. This brings us to the support structure and care our doctor provides…

Our staff is readily available to you. When you call Revita, you will reach a live person – not a recording. We are committed to this.

If all staff members are with patients, then someone will personally direct you to a voicemail. We strive to return your call before the end of the business day (not one, two, three days, or weeks later like many other practices.) You may have to call other clinics multiple times, hitting selections to be directed to the correct staff member, leaving a voicemail only to wonder if you’ll ever receive a rapid return call. Our staff members are also accessible by email, and many of our emails go to our personal cell phones, so that we can provide support after office hours as well. Our medical doctors are committed to being accessible as well; they will provide you with their email addresses at the time of your first visit. If you ever have a medical question or need an adjustment in treatment, you can email them directly.

Additionally, we provide weekly check-ins to be sure we are monitoring your care throughout the first six months of treatment. We provide complimentary phone appointments in-between your in-office visits, for you to share with the doctor any questions you have about your treatment, so that he can continually strive to improve your treatment plan to help you feel better sooner.

It is important to us that we make you feel a part of the Revita Medical family and that you feel welcome and truly cared for. We strive to achieve true understanding of the nature of your symptoms, and how they impact your life and feelings. Our goal is to ensure we help you feel better as quickly as possible.

The blood work we order is also different than many other clinics. Only at The Revita Medical Center!

Initially, other clinics may have all hormone levels analyzed; but if you are interested in maintaining thyroid levels (maintaining energy, moods, body temperatures, improving hair, skin, nails, and overall managing weight gain), then these clinics will not be able to assist you. Follow-up blood work at other clinics may only analyze testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, which are only three hormones. There are more than three hormones networking on a daily basis and must all be optimized at the same time to create that perfect balance in how you look, feel, and perform. If you are not addressing these hormones as a whole, it will start the hormone roller coaster all over again.

At Revita, we will order a very extensive blood panel addressing blood counts, organ functioning, cholesterol, osteoporosis, basic vitamins, and all hormones. Our hormone tests are more extensive than other clinics as two specific hormones are more clearly assessed. A basic testosterone (testosterone total) and thyroid (TSH) test do not clearly define how your hormones are converting or truly functioning, thus not evaluating the true levels of those hormones.

We additionally assess the following to get an accurate account of these levels:

  • Testosterone Free and Total
  • Sex Binding Hormone
  • TSH
  • Free T3
  • Free T4

At Revita Medical, we analyze all of your levels monthly and look for trends in your improvement and make incremental adjustments as necessary, continually striving to optimize your levels. We want your levels be optimized but also balanced, so the hormone partnership is where it needs to be. Once your levels are optimized and your health goals are achieved, we can confidently support you through maintenance; instead of rushing you to maintenance before your levels are where they need to be. As many patients transfer from other clinics to ours, we also gladly welcome patients to fax or submit existing blood panels.

Our goal at the Revita Medical Center is to afford treatment that provides daily, consistent relief.

We want to provide support by our medical doctors and staff that you feel you are truly cared for like family, and that your feelings matter. We also strive to provide care that is thorough, comprehensive, medically supervised, and personalized. We truly care about our patients, and want to provide them with elite levels of treatment.