Weight Loss is Not the Only Goal… Achieving Long-Term Weight Management Is

Weight loss is the number one reason why people decide to make changes regarding their health.  Unfortunately, the majority of people lose weight only to gain the weight back.  Having people lose weight is actually very easy; just consider the number of weight loss companies, clinics, and products on the market.   At Revita, having someone simply lose weight is not our goal – our mission is to help patients achieve their goal of long-term weight management.  In fact, we will not take a patient unless they are committed to long term weight management.

The good news? Achieving long-term weight management becomes very easy after the source of the weight gain is fully understood.

Weight Loss Roller Coaster

Have you been on the “weight loss roller coaster”?  The weight loss roller coaster is when a person has lost weight only to gain it back. This can occur a single time or several times. Studies show that somewhere between 65% and 95% of Americans are on the weight loss roller coaster.  Most people believe that their weight gain is due to improper eating and/or exercising.  This is only part of the problem.  Many other factors must be understood to achieve long-term weight management.

Long Term Weight Management

downloadOur doctors understand your body from a scientific standpoint, as well as the internal and external factors associated with weight loss.  External factors, which include the foods we eat and how we exercise, are important and are the typical focus of most all weight loss programs. However, the internal factors, which include an understanding of why your body is unable to lose weight, are often not addressed, yet they are the most important factors.  Internal factors can include hormonal imbalances, medications, and diseases such as diabetes, This is why you will succeed with us; the doctors at Revita Anti-Aging have a greater knowledge and understanding of how to get your body to what we call “medically optimal.”  Without understanding how to achieve medically optimal, you will stay on the weight loss roller coaster.  This is why every Revita Anti-Aging patient must spend time with the doctor for a full diagnosis of why they gained weight, how to lose the weight, and most importantly, how manage long-term weight loss.

The Patient Weight-Loss Process

The process is very simple.  It is focused on working with the patient to understand the root cause of their weight gain and then selecting the solutions that fit the patient’s individual goals.

The patient process of achieving long-term weight management is:

  • Call and speak with a Revita Anti-Aging Specialist.  Upon your initial call to Revita, the specialist will gain the necessary information to understand the start of the long-term solution.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Doctor.  This is normally done on your initial call.
  • Provide the Doctor your medical history, family medical history, and complete detailed health symptom sheet.  This step is done when you complete the initial patient paperwork.
  • The Doctor will determine the appropriate blood test based on your consultation.  This will take place during your one-on-one consultation with the doctor.

Immediately after your initial consultation with the doctor, blood work will be done. The Doctor will analyze the results of your blood work and determine the best long-term solution for long term weight management.  This step will be performed by the doctor as soon as your blood results are returned to the office.

Revita Anti-Aging will provide up to three different weight loss programs to achieve initial weight loss. Each solution will meet the patient’s weight loss goals; the cost and time frame may vary.

  • MD Paleo
  • Proactive Health Care Plan

Patient, Doctor and Revita Anti-Aging Staff jointly decide the best solution for initial weight loss and long-term weight management

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