Mature couple smiling

Mature couple smiling

We believe that corporations should care for the well-being of their employees.  Revita Medical Anti-Aging Corporate Wellness Program offers one-on-one screenings and consultations with real doctors.  We work closely with clients to assess their needs, define a vision, communicate goals, and create a comprehensive, sustainable solution for worksite health and wellness.

With the help of our doctors and professional staff, we can help you offer a program that shines throughout your facility.  Offering Corporate Wellness programs can also help with insurance discounts as well as government grants!

Give your employees a sense of well being knowing that their company cares for their wellness.  Revita Medical’s Corporate Wellness program is a perfect way to get employees off their feet and open their eyes to health and an overall well being.  With the help of Revita Medical Anti-Aging’ professional staff, let employees comfortably learn about the correct ways to lose weight and become more healthy!

Our Corporate Wellness Program offers:

  • Comprehensive Federal and State Licensing
  • Onsite Clinical Care and Professionalism
  • Program Management
  • Onsite Health Education Provided by Registered Doctors
  • Health Educators and Seminars
  • Comprehensive Progress Reporting

Our screenings include:

  • Lipids (Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, Cardiac Risk Ratio)
  • Blood Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Composition (BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Waist Circumference or Waist to Hip Ratio)
  • Prostate (PSA) and Thyroid (TSH) Screenings
  • Nicotine Testing
  • Comprehensive Blood Panels
  • Flu Shots, Pneumonia and Travel Vaccines

As well as:

  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Health Coaching
  • Health Education Booths
  • Chair Massage and/or Reflexology