Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting Near Charlotte, NC

As part of our 40-day weight loss program, we may suggest intermittent fasting. Fasting is the intentional act of not eating. Intermittent fasting means being more selective about when and what you eat. Our modern lifestyles are so sedentary, that we practically train our bodies to store fat. With intermittent fasting, we train our bodies to burn fat instead. We do this by eating the right food at the most optimal times.

Intermittent Fasting and Nutrition in Charlotte, NC

There are different schedules for intermittent fasting. Determining what’s right for you involves a lengthy discussion with your doctor here at Revita. The most important thing is that you eat foods that are nutritionally sound. Our Modified Medical Paleo Diet harkens backs to humanity’s genetic roots by limiting processed foods that are nutrient-poor and replacing them with fresh foods—primarily nuts, vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Paleo is just a template though. Your doctor will take the time to discuss the ins and outs of your life to set up a plan that’s perfect for you.

What Sort of Results to Expect from Intermittent Fasting in Charlotte, NC

After hours without food, the body depletes its sugar stores and burns fat. This is sometimes referred to as metabolic switching. The goal of intermittent fasting is to induce a metabolic switch to this fat burning schedule that becomes your body’s new program. The benefits of this are both physical and mental. You’ll have more energy, less brain fog, and, over time, less body fat. It’s simple really: prolonging the period between when you last ate and your next meal means more fat is burned than stored.

Is Intermittent Fasting Right for You in Charlotte, NC

Before starting any diet, you should consult your doctor. Generally, intermittent fasting isn’t the best course of action for children under 18, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, people with blood sugar problems, or those with eating disorders. Most others can benefit from a fasting regiment and may even find that it provides an exuberant lifestyle change which they would like to implement permanently. It can improve memory, the retention of muscle mass, heart health, and tissue durability. Also, by reducing obesity, and regulating blood sugar, it could go a long way to stave off diabetes and other blood sugar related health problems.

Schedule an Appointment at the Revita Anti-Aging Center in Charlotte, NC

The most vital aspect of our work is listening. When you come to Revita, the doctor will take the time to pore over your medical history and talk to you about your health goals. Intermittent fasting would only be one diamond facet of your personalized Revita Lifestyle Plan. We’ll work together to customize a diet and workout process that will be just right for you, and a Lifestyle Coach will follow up with you as you go along. Contact us today to learn more!