Revita Medical Wellness Services, Your Local Charlotte Anti-Aging Clinic

Services, Treatment Prices, and Approximate Costs

Revita Medical offers an inclusive environment where the focus is on treating your whole person. We’re here to help increase your energy and health at a price point with treatments beneficial for you.

Our Charlotte Anti-Aging Clinic Treatment prices are available below so you can reduce payment stress and maintain focus on your treatment!

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy requires continuous monitoring with the ability to implement dynamic responsive changes to our patients’ treatment.  The pricing below allows us to give both the highest quality medical care and best cost options on medication. 

  • Patient admission requires a 2 part Initial Consult Series:
  • Initial Visit Hormone Assessment – $495:  Approximately 1.5 hours
  • Second Visit Hormone Treatment Plan –  $495:  Approximately  45 minutes

Ongoing costs include clinic costs and medication costs. 

Revita Medical Per Month  -$425-$490: Includes the following

  • Hormone prescriptions
  • Medical Director Wellness Visits as needed or mandated
  • Patient Health Portal with direct messaging to your physician and medical staff
  • 50%-90% Discount off lab most lab tests
  • 25% Discount off Clinical Grade Supplements
  • Nurse Practitioner managed Weight loss and Nutrition Program
  • Annual Cognitive Health Test and Analysis
  • Annual DEXA Scan and Analysis
  • B-12 Injections  As approved by Physician
  • Methionine Injections– As approved by Physician
  • Access to discounts at compounding pharmacies
  • Access to discounted bundles from our preferred national pharmacies
  • 20%-35% discount on Omni Med Spa procedures including Coolsculpting

Experience Revita Medical

For those who want to reach their overall sense of health and well-being, check out what our Revita Medical Wellness Charlotte anti-aging clinic treatment prices include after our required 2-part patient admission consult!

Our Revita Medical per month cost includes B-12 and methionine injections and discounts off insightful lab tests and effective clinical grade supplements, which might be recommended after an annual cognitive health test and annual DEXA scan are complete.

These annual exams offer baselines or progress reports that help us tailor your Wellness Plan or Weight Loss program to reach your ultimate health goal. Other accessible discounts include procedures like Coolsculpting and prescriptions!

If you’re ready to find a treatment for your mind and body to reach optimal wellness, take a health assessment by booking an appointment today.