Revita Medical Wellness Services, Pricing, and Approximate Costs

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy requires continuous monitoring with the ability to implement dynamic responsive changes to our patients’ treatment.  The pricing below allows us to give both the highest quality medical care and best cost options on medication. 

  • Patient admission requires a 2 part Initial Consult Series:
  • Initial Visit Hormone Assessment – MD $695:  Approximately 2.5 hours
  • Second Visit Hormone Treatment Plan – MD $0:  Approximately  1 hour

Ongoing costs are separated into Revita Medical Wellness clinic costs and medication costs. 

Revita Medical Per Month MD -$200: Includes the following

  • Medical Director Wellness Visits as needed or mandated
  • Patient Health Portal with direct messaging to your physician and medical staff
  • 50%-90% Discount off lab most lab tests
  • 25% Discount off Clinical Grade Supplements
  • Nurse Practitioner managed Weight loss and Nutrition Program
  • Annual Cognitive Health Test and Analysis
  • Annual DEXA Scan and Analysis
  • B-12 Injections  As approved by Physician
  • Methionine Injections– As approved by Physician
  • Access to discounts at compounding pharmacies
  • Access to discounted bundles from our preferred national pharmacies
  • 20%-35% discount on Omni Med Spa procedures including Coolsculpting

Per month hormone prescription costs:  You have options!  Approx $90 -250 per month

  1. We can call in your prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choice
  2. We call in your prescriptions to a local preferred pharmacy that can supply a discount
  3. We can call your prescriptions into our preferred national pharmacies that have demonstrated extremely high quality and have given large discounts based on the tremendous volume of the Revita Medical Wellness clinics.