Benefits of Testosterone Treatment for Men Near Charlotte, NC

Testosterone levels decrease as we age, but that doesn’t mean we have to let them fall. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) can boost our T-levels back to those of our youth. If you’re having trouble maintaining the energy that keeps you up and at the life you really want to live, you may have low testosterone. We can provide you with an at-home test to find out where you’re at and advise you on how to get where you need to go. Talk it over with Revita and take your life back.

How Testosterone Works and Why it Diminishes in Charlotte, NC

Most of our naturally available testosterone, about 98%, binds to the molecules and proteins in our blood cells. The remaining testosterone is freed for our bodies to use. As we age, we lose about 2 to 3 per cent of that available testosterone a year. This leads to less energy and libido. Consequently, it predisposes us to weight gain and health issues. This process compounds over time. Introducing unbound testosterone back into your system can halt and even reverse this vicious cycle.

Signs of Low Testosterone in Charlotte, NC

Face it, our modern lifestyle is not an active one. We spend too much time in front of screens, eating processed foods, and working in psychologically demanding environments without being physically mobile. This sedentary life leads to burnout all on its own. Add to that the natural testosterone drop that comes with approaching 40 years old, and you can see why so many middle-aged men might feel hopelessly tired. If you feel like you can never get enough sleep, are lacking in motivation, and work that previously was easy is now difficult, you could be suffering from low T-levels.

Bioidentical Hormones in Charlotte, NC

We use the term “bioidentical” to indicate that the testosterone and other hormones we offer have the same molecular structure as those your body naturally produces. This bioidentical testosterone has the same benefits as natural testosterone. Our patients routinely report increases in energy and motivation within days of treatment. There are two ways we implement these treatments: injections and Lipoderm cream. We advocate daily low-dose injections to avoid testosterone spikes and mimic naturally occurring T-levels. If you decide to use the Lipoderm cream instead, you’ll get the most potent on the market. We’ll work together to find out which is best for you.

Schedule a TRT Consultation at Revita in Charlotte, NC

If your life experience is a lackluster affair bogging you down with fatigue and brain fog, you may be a prime candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The only way to know for sure is to schedule a consultation with us and talk it over. We’ll run tests, look over your medical history, identify risk factors, and make a plan to get you back on the road to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule a visit.