Lose Up to 40 Pounds on Revita’s Medical Weight Loss Program *

Revita’s Weight Loss Program is a 40 day program that is a physician-monitored program that is designed to rid your body of stored fat, mobilize your metabolism, and shed unwanted pounds so that you can maintain your health and wellness.

Our weight loss program consists of two main components: Daily managed medication, specific for weight loss, and a low calorie diet. Maintaining weight loss after completion of this treatment is easy because your metabolism is reset and recharged, and you have learned new eating habits.

Here is how the Weight Loss Program works:

22Our bodies naturally store fat reserves in case we should face starvation. The Revita program will mobilize these fat reserves for use.

The release of these fat deposits mitigates the normal hunger pangs that would be associated with a low-calorie diet.

The concept behind this diet dates back to the 1950s, when a doctor discovered that obese people treated with small doses of this natural, specially compounded medicine experienced decreased appetite and rapid weight loss. The program worked particularly well with problem areas like the buttocks, hips, thighs and stomach. In recent years the diet has drastically increased in popularity, regarded as a quick and safe way to lose weight.

Revita’s Weight Loss Program Team Provides:

Physician Testing, Analysis, and Recommendations

  • Initial Visit and Basic Physical Exam with the doctor
  • Initial Training Consultation with our diet consultant
  • Blood Work to check your basic blood counts, organ functioning, thyroid functioning, etc.

The Initial Visit will last about an hour and a half, and you will spend most of that time with our doctor reviewing your medical history and determining any underlying causes of weight gain or a plateau in weight loss. Additionally, you meet with our diet consultant to determine the best food choices on the diet and maximize your success.

Blood work is necessary to be certain that your body is physically capable of starting the program, and that it is safe to do so. Thyroid tests, during the time period of reaching your goals and during maintenance, are pivotal for any weight loss program

Training with Diet Consultant and Medications Included in Program:

  • 11Two Training Consultations with our diet consultant to review the diet protocol and injection process
  • 40 days of the vial of medication, 40 days of necessary supplies, Revita cooler bag for traveling with the medication, and printed materials for diet protocol
  • FREE Weekly Vitamin B12 shot for a natural energy boost throughout the diet, which also gives us the opportunity to re-check your BMI, BFP, weight, and BP to maintain an accurate weekly progress report

Accountability Weight Loss Coach Support

A support coach helps you throughout the 40 day program (a support coach will check in with you weekly to follow-up on your progress, and also be available throughout the program after office hours and on weekends. All emails go directly to the coach’s personal cell phone.)

Maintenance Training with your support coach for 6 weeks after you complete the diet

Revita’s Weight Loss Program and Team Approach help provide you the tools and support needed for success.

Contact us for more information: (704) 847-0011

* – Results may vary by individuals.

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