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Within the medical community there is a prevailing belief that hormone replacement therapy should only be used when absolutely necessary, and only until a patient’s levels are back to normal.

What this governing conviction tends to ignore is that not all hormones are created equally. There has been sufficient research conducted to show that natural hormone replacements work effectively and without the dangerous effects associated with synthetic hormones. The difference between the types of hormone therapies remains largely overlooked; this speaks to the conservative stance the medical industry maintains towards hormones.

In the early years of my profession I too believed the myths about hormones; but once I did the research and saw the results first-hand, I recognized that lumping all types of hormone treatments together was not fair to myself as a physician or to my patients.

Natural hormones, like bioidentical hormones, have been proven to produce results free of the dangers connected to synthetic treatments. Natural bioidentical hormone therapies can help:

  • Improve energy, sleep, memory and sex drive
  • Decrease insulin resistance
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Significantly reduce cholesterol
  • Reduce excess cortisol and stress
  • Aid in weight loss by optimizing testosterone and thyroid
  • Optimize estrogen levels in women and men
  • Optimize testosterone levels in men and women
  • Optimize progesterone levels in women
  • Maintain ideal levels of thyroid

Different types of hormones will trigger different health achievements, but all bioidentical hormones can be consumed safely. Because the danger of traditional hormone therapies is mitigated, hormone treatments can proceed even after minimum levels are met, allowing the therapy to optimize a patient’s overall health.