Office Visits:

We do not directly file or accept insurance for office visits, as our services are not in-network and the care is elective. Patients initially pay out-of-pocket for services, and then they choose if they would like to use the appropriately coded invoice we provide them to seek reimbursement from his/her insurance company. These invoices will have the total visit charge, diagnostic codes, and procedural codes to provide the appropriate amount of information needed for insurance to process any potential reimbursement. This is the only form that we distribute to assist patients with seeking reimbursement. We are not adequately staffed for time required to process any additional medical necessity forms before or after the office visit.

The patient seeks treatment with full understanding that we do not process insurance paperwork and that all fees are the responsibility of the patient and due at time of visit.


Please excuse the direct nature of this information. However, our goal at Revita is 100% patient satisfaction and lab work fees and structures are very confusing. We want to make sure we do not have any miscommunications, and the lab work policy is thoroughly explained and understood.  The pricing below shows what the labs will cost if you choose not to bill your insurance for the labs. Many patients elect to bill their insurance directly for the lab costs, and that is processed directly through LabCorp or Quest (a separate entity from Revita).

Revita Lab Costs, If Billed Through Revita:

  • Male Hormone Panels: $240
  • Female Hormone Panels: $260

LabCorp or Quest Lab Billing:

However, most insurance companies cover your blood work, but some plans limit coverage. If you choose to file blood work through your insurance, and they do not cover it, the bill is your responsibility. We have had a number of customer issues unrelated to Revita, but related to Quest or LabCorp billing, and we find it very important to clearly explain this process.

We do not directly submit anything to insurance; however LabCorp and Quest are in-network and will directly file your lab costs. At the time your blood is drawn, the phlebotomists will ask for your insurance documentation and process all paperwork accordingly to your insurance for payment. All insurance filing and billing for blood work is conducted solely by Quest or LabCorp, and all questions regarding billing for blood work shall be directed to these companies alone. It is the patient’s responsibility to question his/her insurance company which lab is preferred and provides the best coverage before the first visit as many insurance companies prefer either Quest or LabCorp. If a patient requests to use Quest Diagnostics, we do have the added convenience of having a Quest phlebotomist here in-office. If denied, the cost of the blood work billed via insurance could be $2,000 or more, therefore many patients opt to simply pay for the blood work through our office and not risk what their insurance may/ may not cover. It is important for patients to determine if they wish to pay for blood work through our office before it is drawn.

Notes Specific For hCG Bloodwork:

Please note that blood work for the hCG program is already included in hCG pricing and only assesses your basic blood counts, organ functioning, and thyroid functioning. The additional hormone panels are extensive and more expensive and those are the only panels billed directly to insurance.

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