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Learn More About Cortisol Near Charlotte, NC

Has fatigue become an everyday issue for you? Are you constantly battling headaches, irritable mood swings, and a short attention span? If you are experiencing these and some of the other symptoms listed down below, your cortisol levels may be unstable! Here at Revita Medical, we’re your Charlotte area stress experts when it comes to helping you deal with unhealthy levels of tension and strain in your life. Aging in itself takes a toll on your body and mind, which is why we’re dedicated to maintaining your well-being through our evidence-based hormone treatments and fitness programs.
Feel free to visit our clinic if you’d like to learn more about cortisol near Charlotte, NC, or read on for more info about how it affects your body and ways Revita Medical can assist you!

How Cortisol Affects Your Body

So, what exactly is cortisol, and why is it important? Cortisol is a hormone created and secreted into your bloodstream by the adrenal gland. During tense or high-pressure situations, cortisol is released to stimulate your muscles, narrow your arteries, and prepare your body for action. This hormone can restrain any normal bodily function, such as digestion or growth, in order to keep you alert and focused on the perceived threat to your well-being. Cortisol can give you an extra energy boost by increasing your heart rate, but it is only healthy in small doses.

Signs Your Cortisol Levels are Imbalanced

Wondering how you can tell if you have an unhealthy amount of cortisol in your bloodstream? Besides the symptoms listed up above, some other signs that your cortisol levels are unbalanced can be found in high blood pressure, random weight gain, frequent bloating around the midsection, menstrual issues, constipation and so much more. When your body is secreting too much of this stress hormone, you can also experience mental and emotional consequences, such as depression, anxiety, and a loss of libido or sex drive. These unpleasant symptoms can be extremely damaging in the long run if left untreated.

Why You Should Visit Us at Revita Medical

Here at Revita Medical, we understand what the “fog” of imbalanced hormones feels like. Each and every one of our doctors and staff members are committed to providing you with relief, whether that be from stress or other hormone-related ailments. We are well respected in the Charlotte area as a compassionate clinic that cares about our clients, so you never have to worry about the quality of our services when you visit us! If you have questions or concerns about our treatments and wellness programs, feel free to chat with one of our friendly team members at any time!

Contact Us Today for Guidance!

Are you ready to get your cortisol levels checked out and experience some relief from your symptoms? Revita Medical has got your back! Feel free to contact us through our website by scheduling an appointment at the clinic, or give us a call today!