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What Are The Advantages Of Testosterone Cream For Anti Aging Patients Near Charlotte?

Solutions for low testosterone continue to develop as discussion around testosterone ramps up. One solution, testosterone cream, is applied to the skin to deliver a dose of the hormone into the bloodstream. Testosterone cream is available in specific concentrations for application and should be used twice daily. Over the day, the cream mimics testosterone’s natural rise and fall throughout the day. There are certainly other forms of testosterone medication, but what are the advantages of testosterone cream for anti-aging patients near Charlotte?

Bioidentical Hormones vs. Synthetic Hormones

Bioidentical and synthetic hormones are manufactured and produced in a lab. When implemented, optimum levels of testosterone can be achieved. Though both of these hormones are made in a lab, the body may react differently to each. Synthetic testosterone does not have the correct molecular structure to fit the natural hormone receptors. Noncompatible receptors can cause unwanted side effects. Bioidentical testosterone duplicates the structure of a naturally produced hormone. The body reacts normally as it thinks it’s the real deal and can fit the receptor.

Testosterone Lipoderm Cream for Men

Custom testosterone creams are useful for patients near Charlotte looking for optimal hormone requirements. Testosterone lipoderm cream is absorbed and delivered in a dispenser. Dispensers have a twist top that makes a clicking sound, which measures the exact gram of cream prescribed. Absorption rates will vary per patient, but only roughly 10% of the total hormone in the cream will penetrate and enter the system. The cream’s strength is adjusted accordingly to ensure the correct dosage is absorbed. Absorption rates are highest in the scrotal area, where the skin is thinner and less irritable with lipoderm creams.

Advantages of Testosterone Cream for Anti-Aging Patients

  • Highly absorbent and pain-free compared to the shots
  • Easy to apply
  • Positively affects cholesterol profile
  • Slightly better increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels, which enhance erectile strength, sexual function, and desire
  • Affordable option
  • Custom compounding and quality assured

How do you Apply Testosterone Cream?

Testosterone cream is directed to be applied to the skin directly. The exact location for the application will be directed by our expert anti-aging team in Charlotte, NC. It is important to let the cream absorb before getting dressed. It is also important to wash your hands thoroughly after each application.

Testosterone Cream Considerations

Similar to any medication, there are side effects that testosterone creams can cause, specifically in women, children, and even pets. Any individuals who have been in contact with the cream that has not been advised to use the cream should wash the contacted area with soapy water. Side effects can cause several health effects and interfere with growth in children. It is best to cover the treated area at least 20 minutes after application, don’t pet or touch others after application, and wash hands thoroughly after each application.

Should I use Testosterone Cream or Injections?

If you’re asking what are the advantages of testosterone cream for anti-aging patients, it’s clear that no needles are a massive advantage. The cream is more comfortable, effective, and pain-free. However, each individual case will vary. If you have or are planning children, injections would be best to avoid cross-contamination. If you’re uncertain, our anti-aging clinic in Charlotte can talk more with you about our hormone replacement therapy for men!